Following Your Bliss

I dropped out of school yesterday. I was supposed to start an Ed.S. program in Educational Leadership this Saturday and I was feeling shifty about the whole thing. Making the decision to actually withdraw was a big one for me. In the end, I just wasn’t in it for the right reasons. It would have been the financially responsible choice to complete the program, but I would have begrudged the whole process. So I made the choice to actually listen to my head and my heart and I couldn’t be more content with the decision. I have other programs I’m interested in and I know I’ll go back…again…at some other time. For now I’m going to use my time to read and write about what makes me happy. Almost all of the time that has something to do with children’s literacy, teaching, and kid lit. Instead of going to school, I’m going to continue to spread the kid lit book love here.

What’s the hold up?

I’ve been sitting on this site since January just thinking about it. I spend a lot of time thinking about writing. I strive for perfection in so many ways but there is nothing perfect about writing. So, here is my first post. Imperfect, short, and full of possibility.